Makeup for Cosplay: BASE FACE!

Hello peeps! Today we’re gonna continue a series on how to do your makeup for cosplay. First you’re gonna start out with your regular skincare routine and wait for your moisturizer to dry. I recommend putting your cosplay on before you start with makeup so you don’t get any on it while pulling stuff over your head. You can protect your costume while applying makeup by putting a tissue or dry washcloth down your shirt-front (think lobster dinner).

First you’re going to want to apply primer all over your face. Primer helps to even out the texture of your skin and provides a nice base for your makeup to stick to. Primers are usually split into water based and silicone based. If you have oily/combo skin, silicone is usually your best bet as water-based formulas will tend to melt. If you have dry skin, water based primers are great because they give you an extra layer of hydration.

My reccs:
Nyx’s Angel Veil (similar to Hourglass’ Mineral Veil at a fraction of the cost, good for all skin types) or Pore Filler
Too Faced’s Primed and Poreless

Next up is concealer! In order to hide discoloration on your face, you go to the color opposite it on the color wheel to camouflage it. So wherever you have redness and acne, you use a green color correcting concealer. To hide purple under-eye circles, you use an orange-y salmon color. To brighten up yellow/sallowness, use lilac. Concealers are usually creams or liquids. You want to use a stippling/blotting motion to apply these and don’t blend them out! Their purpose is to stay in the place where you need them. After they’re patted down to your liking, apply skin-colored concealer on over them so your face doesn’t look like a kindergarten kiddo just went to town on it. Same dealio with application; blot, don’t blend! Some people like to use setting powder to set their concealer under their eyes to help prevent it from creasing. Take a small brush, dip into setting powder, tap off the excess and blot gently on over the concealer. For using skin-colored concealer on your under-eye area, follow the “Itachi” (like from Naruto) lines on your face, don’t just do a little half circle.

Photo from fatgirloffashion on blogspot!

My reccs:
Elf’s HD Lifting Concealer
Nyx’s Color Correcting Concealer Wands

After that, you’ll apply foundation. Regardless of your skin type I think liquid is best to use as a base for cosplay. Take a foundation brush, squirt a little bit of foundation on it, and apply all over your face using downward strokes. (Upward ones will cause baby hairs on your face to stick up, not kawaii). Then, you can use a makeup wedge/beauty blender to blend it out and get rid of the brush strokes. Sponges soak up more product and you’ll get more bang for your buck using a brush first. At this point, you can use setting powder all over your face, and then use a powder foundation on top if you have oily skin or tend to sweat a lot in cosplay. If you have dry skin, you can probably skip this step.

My reccs:
Elf foundation
Nyx’s Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder (can be used wet or dry!)
Urban Decay Naked Skin
Too Faced’s Born This Way

Final step is contouring! I know this is a way over-hyped Kardashian trend, BUT it does help you to look better in photos, especially on stage. There are a bunch of different ways to manipulate the appearance of your face shape using contouring (youtube it!), but the following is just basic/”natural”; but basically, anything you want to seem smaller or higher up/more defined you use contouring on, and anything you want to appear more prominent or draw attention to you highlight.

I prefer powder but the same deal applies for liquid/cream formulas. Apply brown/taupe product along your jawline, at your temples, and your hairline (if it’s showing under your wig). Next, you’ll contour your cheek-bones; the easiest way to find where to draw this diagonal line is to make a fishy face, and follow the hollow part of your cheeks starting from the temple and stopping two inches away from your lips. You can also contour your nose to look larger or smaller, draw two parallel lines down the bridge; the closer they are, the smaller your nose will appear. Now BLEND DAT BIZ. Next, you’ll do highlighter! Apply to your forehead if it’s showing, down the bridge of your nose, under your eyes (extend back towards your hairline), cupid’s bow (the “v” part over your top lip), the center of your chin, and in between the contour lines on your jaw & cheekbones. BLEND! Finally, blush! Concentrate the application to the apples of your cheeks (smile, the part where a grandma wants to pinch is the apple) and extend back towards the hairline. BLEND! Setting powder on all that, and your base face is done! HUZZAH! Depending on the order you do your makeup, you’ll want to use a setting spray after you’re done with everything as well to keep all that stuff locked for as long as possible.

Handy dandy diagram from

My reccs:
Nyx’s Wonder Stick
Too Faced’s Candlelight Glow Duo in Rosy Glow
Nyx’s Illuminator
Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil
Too Faced’s Love Flush Blush
Elf Blush
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray

I hope you find this helpful and stay tuned for more tips!


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