Costume Walkthrough: Princess Small Lady Serenity

Costume walthroughs are exactly what they sound like: me walking you through the construction process for a costume I’ve made. Today’s is on my Small Lady/Chibiusa gown! Please feel free to ask questions about this or any other projects you might be working on; I love giving cosplay advice! 😉

Photo credit: Rachel Joy for the left & my mom for the right!

BASE DRESS: is white casa satin; it’s lined with some cheap-o fabric I had lying around from when I made my senior prom dress. Woohoo for recycling! I patterned it myself. The skirt is just a super long circle skirt; I didn’t add too much to the waist of it for pleats, but I did make it 5 or so inches longer than me in stocking feet since I planned to wear this in 4.5 inch heels (I lasted all of an hour before switching to flats, lol). The overskirt is white casa chiffon, which DOES NOT MATCH the satin (WHY?! You’re both white from the same collection: WHY DON’T YOU MATCH?!), and is made in the same way as the lower skirt. The skirts I had to make in two separate half-circles which I then sewed together. There’s another seam in the back where the invisible zipper goes. I sewed the two skirts to the bodice at the same time, and then added an invisible zipper. I don’t have a serger, so I do my “cheapo serging” by doing a straight stitch to sew whatever I’m trying to sew together (i.e. two pieces of skirt) then going over it with a zig-zag stitch, and then a second straight stitch. Then I trim it and fray check the ever living bejeesus out of it. I made the mistake of not fray checking the hems of the chiffon layer for a while and paid dearly for it; I had to re-hem it in a lot of places and it looks pretty messy. I actually fray checked it in the car on the way to Katsu.

DETAILS: PrettyDeer and I decided we wanted to do manga-version details for these dresses, but with anime colors because we noticed in hall shots a lot of details of other Princess Serenitys get washed out when they’re white/silver. Originally, I planned on doing the gold donuts out of embroidery, but that didn’t work, so I tried satin stitching gold fabric, but my machine’s smallest zigzag was too wide & the foot shredded the fabric. So eventually, I cut the donuts out of the fabric using a razor, fabric glued them to a piece of white casa satin, and then cut off the excess with a razor as well. I needed a way to avoid having the outside edges fray, so I found some gold sequin trim and fabric glued it to the edges of the donuts. I hand sewed this piece to the dress. Then, the arduous process of rhinestone-ing the donut holes began. ; A ; In total, this dress has ~2,000 silver rhinestones on it and 14 hours of labor on rhinestones alone. (Fun story: after Katsu, got this dry cleaned, and asked for them to just clean the skirts, not the bodice; get it back, about 1/4 of the rhinestones are missing, and all of my hand-stitching had to be redone.) I ordered some fake white pearls in bulk and hand strung them onto a stretchy jewelry string, and then hand sewed those to the dress using clear thread. I was scared of making the string too taught, so I just made it the length of my bust & waist without stretching it, and then made the string tighter after the pearls were sewn on the dress. (Thank goodness for dress forms!) After that, I left a gap under the top row of pearls for the 3 lines of trim PrettyDeer and I picked out (sewing them flush hid the first one). I had to hand sew the trim with the rhinestones on it because there was no way to do it with the machine, but I machine stitched the other two on there, as well as the “u” shaped trim. Unfortunately, my bust is bigger than donuts + 2 rows of pearls + 4 lines of trim, so the gaps I have on there were pretty large/made my inaccuracy spidey senses tingle, so I added some rose patterned lace trim (because Chibi-Moon is the daughter of Tuxedo Mask, I figured roses would be fitting), and hand-sewed a 2mm pearl to the center of each rose because I clearly like suffering.

JEWELRY: I wasn’t sure what color pearls I should wear with this, so I borrowed some pink and white ones from my mom but pink won over, haha. I bought a pink pearl bracelet from the wonderful Starlightslk the Friday of Katsu because a white one of mine had a broken clasp. I love love love this bracelet so much!! It’s so pretty and matches the pearl necklace I borrowed from my mom and the earrings I have perfectly! I made my pink forehead crescent (Chibi-Usa technically has a Pink Moon Crystal, so I figured her crescent should be pink too!) For AB, I had more casting issues, so the gem is actually made out of hotglue and painted with pink nail polish. The older version was resin painted with body paint, lol.

For the armor sleeves: this didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to (should have made the circles /much/ smaller but: I drew the circle on paper to use as a reference, sketched out the snail shell and cut that out (two going one way for the front, and then flipped the other side for the back part of the arm), and then used the side part of the circle as a guide for sketching out the flippy bits – three of those for the edge of the front and back panels of the circle. Then I sketched out the middle parts (four pieces total, mostly straight with the v cutout in two different lengths), cut everything out of the craft foam. I glued the front and back pieces so they were touching each other on top of the middle circle, then did the snail shell for each side so that the “tail” of it faces towards the middle, then glued the flippy bits for one side of the circle down, then the middle parts for the side closest to that circle, and repeated with the other side. The front/back flippy bits should cover some of the middle parts so it took a little bit of finagling to get it. Then I heated everything up on the stovetop and formed each circle over a styrofoam ball to get it to be sticky-outy, fixed any hot glue that came loose, and then painted everything with glitter mod podge. To get it to stay up, I sewed three pieces of clear jewelry elastic (which snapped between judging and my walk-on ofc) between the front & back circles.

For my bun flower, I found a bouquet of fake flowers from Joann’s with pink tips, and just cut some of the outer petals off so it wasn’t SUPER HUGE OMG FLOWER and just stuck it into my wig.

For the wig, I bought a Chibi in Bubblegum Pink from Arda, and covered the odangos with wefts from there as well! I more or less followed HezaChan’s tutorial on how to make the odangos, but I didn’t stub my wig. The odangos just slide into the wig with bobby pins, so I can remove them and use the wig for other projects.

This was super long, but I hope you find it helpful!



Cosplay on a Budget: Wigs!

Wigs are another case of “invest your money wisely”; they’re easily one of the most expensive pieces for cosplay and they are the hardest items to get discounts on.

gif by tumblr user appleshrapnel

When buying a wig, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • How many cosplays can you get out of this wig?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?

If you’re only planning on using a wig for one character one time/for one con, you’re better off trying to find something cheap (read: ebay) that will serve its purpose and then can be passed off to other friends or sold used online.

If you think you can get multiple uses out of the same wig (even if it’s for different variants of the same character), then it might be time to invest your money into a wig that can handle being worn a lot and restyled.

This Chibi in Bubblegum Pink from Arda-Wigs is used for the Princess Small Lady Serenity & Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon variants of Chibi-Usa, (along with any other versions of her that I decide to do in the future), and because I made the odangos removable, it’s also PrettyDeer’s Madoka wig! At $55 for the wig + extensions, this pans out to about $18 per costume, much cheaper than if I’d done two separate wigs for Madoka and Chibi-Moon.

The cheap route is usually ebay, but that’s not to say that there’s not high quality wigs on there. Look for things that are heat-resistant, and whatever you do, avoid anything with the phrase “party wig” in the listing title. There is a 99.9999999% chance that that is some cheap iparty stuff and will look like junk. Also, milanoo is the devil!! Stay far, far, FAR away!!

Other things to pay attention to on ebay are the seller’s feedback rating (don’t buy from anyone with less than 95%), and also important, how many people have bought from them (you’re better off buying from places that have a lot of people). Try to find wigs with free shipping, & if you can’t find a wig for your character specifically, try searching for another character that has the same hairstyle or “red bob cosplay wig” or whatever style/color combo you’re looking for. Finally, check the watermark of their photos – if it doesn’t match their store title, chances are the photos’ been stolen and the wig you get will be nothing like the picture.

For “investment wigs”, there are four main companies in the US that really cater to cosplayers:


Epic Cosplay

The Five Wits


I’ve only ever purchased wigs from ebay, now defunct companies, amphigory, and Arda, so I can’t really speak to the other two companies listed. (Arda’s definitely my fav in terms of price, comfort, and quality). However, same dealio applies to saving money with these guys: sign up for their emails and follow them on social media to be alerted to sales, new products, contests, etc. Arda and Epic Cosplay have reward points systems, so making an account with them means $$$ off future purchases.

Go forth and create some beautiful wig projects on the cheap!!

Cosplay 101: So You Think You Can Cosplay

Cosplay 101 will be a series of advice/tutorials for new cosplayers but even seasoned cosplayers might find these useful. 

Hello cosplay newbs/would-be-cosplay newbs!

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they’re scared to start cosplaying because they’re intimidated by either other cosplayers’ level or of winding up on a website like yourcosplaysucks. When I started 10 years ago, I feel like it was easier to jump right in without feeling terribly scared because overall craftsmanship was nowhere near the level it is today so I can definitely relate to the trepidation that people might feel.

But I think it’s really important to remember that cosplay is all about having fun, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to cosplay. Put on a costume of your favorite character + have fun = you’re a good cosplayer. End of story. If you think making your own stuff is fun, great! Have at it! If you want to just buy costumes off of ebay or thrift ‘em and have fun with your friends, fantastic! You are still a cosplayer! Everyone’s definition of having fun in cosplay is different so just do you, don’t hate on other people for their definition of fun & everything will be just ducky.

On cosplay haters/hate websites:


gif by tumblr user primadouche

Sailor Moon Says: just remember, they’re the ones with poor taste in hobbies, not you. Most of the time, these people aren’t cosplayers themselves and have no clue how difficult it is to even make a “bad cosplay” or how much courage it takes to be a cosplayer. If they happen to be a cosplayer, then they need to take their negativity somewhere outside our community. Ignore + block + report & repeat as many times as necessary, and don’t go searching for yourself on these aggregator wesbites. 😉

Finally, everyone starts somewhere! Jessica Nigri only just started making her own stuff not that long ago, and her first costumes were nowhere near as spectacular as they are now, and she also had the benefit of being friends with/mentored by some of the biggest names in cosplay craftsmanship. Cosplayers do not pop out of the ground, fully formed and 100% amazeballs at everything unless they’ve gone to school for makeup/theater/fashion.

We’re human, and comparing oneself to others is something that we do best, and cosplay seems to amplify that because you’ll compare yourself to other people that do the same character/costume as you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that other people have been a) probably doing this for longer than you b) for the youngin’s: they’re adults with enough disposable income to spend on crazy cosplays. When you have just as much experience/cash as the people you’re comparing yourself to now, you’ll be just as good.

In 2008 I think I was 12 and bought everything online or in a store for Itsuki, but eight years later and I hand-made my Sailor Venus cosplay, thelolitaprincess’ Sailor Moon, taught my friends how to make Jupiter and Mercury all from scratch. The only way to get better is to jump in and try, so don’t be scared to take that leap!

Photo credit & edits to thelolitaprincess of wordpress for the Sailor Moon shot!